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Arty birthday parties

Art café provides ‘’Artsy’’ birthdays for those who appreciate art, the birthdays are catered to children, teens and adults. Artsy Birthday parties have proven to be great fun and a different way to enjoy a gathering of people in an outing. At the end of the birthday party everyone leaves with what they have made as an amazing reminder of a wonderful day they all shared together.

For young kids, they will get to rotate between 4 different art stations in a spam of 3 hours; every station holds a different project with the guidance of an instructor in a relaxed, fun and creative atmosphere.

For teens and adults, Art café provides one day workshop, can be selected from our list of workshops, decoupage, cake decoration, scrapbooking, jewelry making …

Making the birthday cake and decorate it is always an option at Art Café.

School Trips at Art Cafe Maadi

In wanting the students to gain skills and knowledge in a variety of artistic methods, Art Café provides the students with 4 art stations, each station containing one specific art project – to be pre-selected by the school from our list of famous art projects. Students get to rotate between the 4 stations as they work on the assigned art project in a relaxed, fun and creative atmosphere.

Project Ideas;

Decoupage, collage, paper molding, beading, wire work, sculpting, sewing, scrap booking, costume making, painting and drawing with different art mediums, Origami, paper crafts, patchwork, printing, cooking, foam projects…for young artists

Mosaic, Cake decorating, Arabic Calligraphy, Candle making, jewelry making, scrapbooking…for teen-agers

Arty Get Away at Art Cafe Gouna

Art Café is always searching for new ways to revolutionize and cultivate the art scene in Egypt. Countless young artists are waiting to unleash their passion and live out their potential, but are unable to do so for a number of reasons. That is why Art Café has come up with a tailor-made program for High School students with a passion for art: a 4-day artistic getaway to Gouna.

Communities’ gatherings

During its pleasant, artistic gathering, each community will have the freedom to work together on projects that may include: paintings, drawings, mosaics, decoupage, or Scrapbooking. It is a wonderful way to make use of the day and make sure that it goes by as productive, fun, and relaxing as possible.

If you and your community are interested in making the most of your day by indulging a little more that you normally would in what art has to offer you, contact us at our office by phone or by email, or just drop by during our working hours.

Summer Camps @ Art Cafe Maadi

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Summer Day Camp @ Art Cafe Gouna

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