Corporate Events

Art Café has found that the people that come to the Art café end up leaving with a new talent plus a different perspective on life. In the space that Art Café has provided, people get a chance to take a break from their daily lives, meet new and interesting people and acquire a hobby or a new work skill. In knowing all this about the Art café environment, we have found it a bonus to be able to provide these facilities to employees in companies all around Cairo.

Art Café provided services to companies such as Mobinil, Kraft Foods, Juhayna, Beyman, HSBC, City Stars Center, Schneider, Pfizer, Roche Avon, and more…


Office Retreat

These classes can be in a form of courses in a spam of 6 weeks long and the duration of the class is 3 hours, or can be in a form of one-day workshop from 10:00am till 5:00pm with a one hour break in-between.

Team Building Art Activites

Our team building activities are a powerful way to bring your team together in an arty way, allowing for creativity, corporation, trust and communication skills to develop in a fun and arty environment.
These projects encourage the individuals in all companies to maintain respect for one another, all wanting the benefit of the company while being able to focus on their assigned job with the aim of the vision always in mind.

  • Puzzle Canvas Painting

  • Cooking a banquet

  • Recycling - Fashion Photoshooting

Communication and Listening Skills

Communication is key to any industry and so is the great tool of listening. To communicate what a person wants correctly and to listen attentively is the core of any establishment that wants to succeed. These projects are based on the ability to listen well and create what has been told to them as well as incorporating a way of communicating an idea to others.

  • Scrap Booking Intelligence

  • Station Rotation

Family Activities

When you are happy within your own family environment then your work performance excels, allowing you to give more knowing that you are receiving support from within your own home. These activities pursue the ideology of inner self-fulfillment and a closer understanding of what each family member is about. Bonding time with family is of vital importance to a person’s inner peace, the less friction in the home environment the better work tolerance and performance will be acquired.

  • Family Bonding

  • Family Craft Project

  • Family Cooking Spree

Fun Day For Kids

This style of activity is based on providing a number of activities that will be present for the sole purpose of giving art as a means of taking a break from a seminar or for a corporate family day event that may need an art zone for the employees children to be occupied in as the adults pursue their other activities.

  • Creativity Table

  • Station Rotation

  • Painting station