Dr. Suzan Radwan

Dr. Suzan Radwan (M.D. - Addiction Counselor - Expressive Arts Therapist)

She is registered as a medical doctor since 2004 in addiction therapy, since 2006 she's been practicing art therapy & overall experience ever since in psychotherapy & counseling.
She has had her training in a number of honorable educational institutes including- but not limited to: Faculty of Medicine - Cairo University, Behman Mental Health Hospital, (ISAAC) International Substance Abuse and Addiction Coalition through Freedom Establishment for addictive behaviors and last but not least the private tutoring of the late – one & only Egyptian art therapist – Dr. Magdy Refaat.
She also got certified in Expressive Arts Therapies from Prairie Institute of Expressive Arts Therapy, Calgary, AB, Canada.

In her ten years experience in the fields of psychology and all the related therapies she has come to believe that each human being is created with their own healing- source, and that a good therapist should be one who knows their source and maintain it before helping others uncover their own & find their healing powers within rather than without.