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Art Café has found that the people that come to the Art Café end up leaving with a new talent plus a different perspective on life, we have found it a bonus to be able to provide these facilities to employees in companies, staff in schools, group of kids and/or adults to celebrate  special occasions.

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Activity Table is for you to create your own artwork, we have all materials and supplies you can possibly think of, our colorful drawers are full of art material, and our painting station stocked with paint tubes, brushes, palettes, drawing papers, … all painting & drawing supplies, we also have a variety of books and ideas to get inspired from, this is besides our side desk computer to google for any new idea or technique you may need to invent.
Price for activity table is 120 LE per person for 2 hours


Art Café provides a large variety of high quality wooden items, tins, candles and canvases for you to choose from and decorate; painting, decoupage or collage… this activity is for you to work on your own art work or invent your own craft project outside of the realms of a class while having access to a multitude of art supplies and products.Prices include all material used.

Prices vary from 120 LE to 240 LE according to the item you choose.




Having trouble helping your kids in their school projects!!!
Get them to the expert at Art Cafe to help them out, either collage, 3D, painting, recycling, molding,
popups, costumes, ect…
1 kid: 150 LE
2 Kids and up : 100 per kid ( joined project )

  • Kindly Note that all School Projects needs prior reservation minimum 3 Days in advance