Sherry Ramzy

 A faculty of Fine Arts graduate in 1995, Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt. Her profession was interior designing. In June 2014 she earned her Master degree in Management and organizational leaderships. She studied her masters online as a distant education student with DAI "Development Association International Colorado Spring, USA". She owned her Diploma in "Addictive Behavioral Therapy" by Freedom institute in partnership  with"NET institute in Orlando, Florida. She joined both studied to earn more life and psychology skills to add up to her artistic background. 
She volunteered for a year with "Art2care" initiative since October 2014 in the Children cancer hospital 57357 in Cairo. She was practicing art with children as a complementary therapy. She participated in a special camp and workshop with the children where They carried out different expressive arts with recovered cancer patients, under the supervision of a Swiss Art Therapist volunteer and also an Egyptian Psychiatrist.
She joined Art Cafe, in March, 2015 as an Art visual artist coordinator, provide guidance for adults and children to practice free expressive arts. She helped as a front office person for a while. Today she's running mosaic sessions and creating her mixed- media mosaic line. 
In April, 2016, she ended her art therapy training course on Creative Arts workshops, with Arts Psychotherapist: Anni Cree. 
She's interested in Mosaic, Sculpture and Hand Crafts. Her mosaic passion started in Art cafe, since then she joined professional mosaic courses to learn more and enjoy the Mosaic world. She loved the mixed media technique the most. 
Playing arts can easily bring together all your shattered pieces in a new beautiful harmony. All your sharp, broken, ugly and even ambiguous parts will shape a unique master peace. 
She believes art is the way to unleash human energies and enabling them to free expressions to be themselves with no limitation. Her dream is to become a certified art therapist to stretch a hand for people who deal with emotional suffering, stress, depression, and also patients who struggle with epidemic chronic diseases.