Fadwa Tobbala (Didi)

Officially I am Fadwa Tobbala, but to all my little ones, I am Auntie Didi. I'm a graduate of the American University in Cairo, class of 2007, and worked in the world of corporates for seven years. Deep down, however, I just knew the corporate life is not for me, so I left my corporate life behind, and decided to make a complete career shift and follow my passion. And it was the best decision I've ever made.

I've always loved dealing and playing with kids, and found that I am my happiest and at most peace when I am around kids. Luckily, and thanks to my mentor Tanya Shousha, I was able to land a job as a science teacher at Tiny Feet Preschool; a happy place that I consider home ?.

I thought it was going to be a temporary break till I get back to corporate life; but boy I was wrong, I just loved the place, the kids, and the satisfaction; and self gratification I got out of the job was unmatched. They were simply the best three years of my life; being surrounded by the purest souls and watching them grow and develop is pure joy, and knowing you helped in that is a great reward.

A few months ago, I was introduced to Yasmine Fadel, The Storyteller, who has been narrating books for children for over 12 years, and who thankfully gave me a chance to help out and run the sessions with her at Art Cafe Maadi.

I'll be kicking off Didi's Crafts Room   this summer with story telling sessions to bring to life your kids favourite books and my own picks, incorporating arts and crafts in the session for a well-rounded experience to teach valuable life lessons through stories, all the while having fun and laughs.