Shahira Serry


Artist Shahira Serry  ,was born in EGYPT , she used to live in places next to the sea till the age of 23rd ,which was inspiring her throughout her life .She studied at a French school ,growing up in a house surrounded by many types of arts like paintings ,poetry and music, she was attending poets gatherings in her grandmother Rabeaa Afif’s house, who was an artist also and had a wide collection of oil paintings ,she was the first who has noticed her granddaughter’s talent at the age of four years old when she found her drawing the human body movements in an expressive and stupendous way ,which was the turning point to concentrate and sharpen her talent with her mother encouraging till she got her bachelor degree of fine arts ,interior design department from ALEXANDRIA university to begin with the professionalism of art and teaching it in UNITED ARAB EMIRATES which has moved to with her small family ,to start her serious journey in a new country holding her dreams and memories in her artworks.


Her artworks was dominated by the Egyptian heritage character and the Arab heritage sometime , she painted figures with their feelings and costumes ,places in Egypt from north to south .At first she explored her way with classic paintings using oil colours, influenced by her genesis between her grandmother classic paintings and the great artists books as Degas ,Monet, Leonardo da vinci….etc. Then she discovered her passion for abstract techniques which has known through contemporary artists like Voka , the style depend on strong flashy colours and bold brush strokes thrilling life ,using acrylic or oil colour .she moves between different styles to satisfy her eager to try many techniques .She transfers to the audience a piece of her soul and takes them to a place she loves in her paintings.

She participated in many exhibitions in UAE ,Egypt and France.. some of the most important are World Art Dubai 2016,Cairo Opera House 2017/18 also she won the first prize for the acrylic painting in la festival des arts in France 2012 with her painting ‘’le vendeur de reglisse’’ ,her paintings were sold in Egypt, UAE, Germany and many other countries.

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