Dina Fahmy

Dina is a paper crafts artist, enthusiast and professor. She is a Cairo University assistant professor and a PhD candidate of Arts with a specialization of Art Crafts. Dina grew an interest in paper crafts since she received her bachelor degree in 2009, so she decided to do her master’s thesis on developing creative origami curriculums. Her thesis was applied to university students and defended successfully with a grade of excellent with honors in 2017. She has been giving origami workshops and courses in and outside university to both children and adults since 2011. Dina’s PhD dissertation is on paper crafts as well with a focus on the development of paper materials and product design. Besides her passion with paper crafts, Dina participated in several exhibitions around Egypt since 2011 with works of paper crafts, sculpture, textile, copper crafts, painting, and mixed media. Those exhibitions include “6th Youth Visual Arts Competition” in “Freedom Center For Creativity in Alexandria” 2018. “22th Youth Saloon” (Painting) at “Palace of Art”, November 2011. “My Revolution Diaries” organized by “Hellenic American Union, Bibliotheca Alexandrina Arts Center” at “Hellenic American Union Galleries - Greece” May 2011. and more, Dina’s artistic talents blossomed from a very young age when she won the Glimpses of India competition hosted by the Indian embassy in 2002 and 2003.