Eslam El Rihany

Born in 1986, Eslam Elrihany is an Egyptian artist and Academic Professor in the Faculty of Fine Arts, El Minia University, Egypt. With a major of painting, he completed his university degree of a Bachelor of Fine Arts, in 2008, followed by his Master degree in 2016, and finally his PHD in 2021
In 2016, he received a scholarship to study “Oil paintings Restoration, and Museum Display Techniques” in Hildesheim, Germany. Furthermore, he has been invited to attend Art Workshops in India and Turkey in 2019. He also contributed in a variety of Art fairs and exhibitions which include “Dubai International Art Exhibition”, “Egypt International Art Exhibition”, along to conclude with “The Body Music” which was his most recent Personal Art exhibition.
Throughout his career path, Elrihany had won several prizes, four of which were from “The Youth Salon”, a major National Art Exhibition displaying the work of Young artists. In addition, some of his paintings were honored and given the privilege to be officially displayed in the “Egyptian Modern Museum of Art”, “The Library of Alexandria”, as well as other Private institutions and individually owned art galleries.

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