Mother & Toddlers – Create Fun (9 months to 4 years)

We provide classes that will stimulate and strengthen your child’s abilities through play. The main objective of early stimulation is to allow the child to develop his senses. In our classes, the senses are the main learning tool for the child. The children that participate in our programs increase their attention span and are children that accept different sensations, making them more open to new experiences and new ideas. Through fun and unusual moments, the child learns new skills, understands more, participates actively, and has the opportunity to dance, listen and socialize.

The child and an adult must participate together!

This class stimulates creative thinking in children through materials, textures, games, music, and innovative moments. Every week children are introduced to a different material, and play with it in different and surprising ways.

Language : Arabic/ English/ French
Maadi Branch:
1 class or a bundle of 5 classes / once per week Tue 10:00 am - 10:50 am
Price: 130 LE per class / 550 LE per 5 classes
min 1 and max 8 attendees
  Zayed Branch Coming soon

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