Drawing Cartoon (pencil)

 The course is divided into two levels, where you will learn the basics of cartoon drawing, the tips and techniques, and you will apply through practical exercises the skills learned enabling you at the end of the course to make a whole comic book.
The class is comprised of 2 levels for a total duration of 16 Classes.
For beginners Adults and Teens - For advanced Adults and Teens
Course Content
Level 1: (8 classes)
This introductory course focuses on the basics of cartoon drawing with all the tips and techniques needed to be able to draw people, places, animals and much more. This course focuses on teaching sketching, shadowing, pencil coloring for cartoon characters. Once the basics are taught you will move into inventing your own cartoon character learning how to incorporate facial expressions and body movements according to your own invented character. The final result will be one comic strip composed of two characters of your own choosing and content.
Level 2: (8 classes)
This course is an extension of the Cartoon Drawing Level 1 course. It is mainly composed of practical exercises aimed at allowing the student to develop the skills they acquired in “Cartoon Drawing Level 1” plus the introduction of inking, comic strip or movie composition and drawing. By the end of this course you will be able to make a short comic strip of 3-4 different scenes, this final project will be a group project where at the end of the course you leave with a whole comic book.
Must take Level 1 prior first.
Language ; Arabic / English
Maadi Branch
8 Classes / 1600 LE
Including materials
Once a Week - 1.5 hour Class
Sat 06:30pm - 08:00pm
Min 3 and max 5 attendees
Zayed Branch
8 Classes / 1600 LE
Including materials
Once a Week - 1.5 hour Class
Thu 02:00pm - 03:30pm
Min 3 and max 5 attendees

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