Resin & Enamel workshop

Resin and enamel are very popular these days. These two materials are very different and yet have a lot of similarities, in this 4 sessions workshop we will learn all the basics about resin jewellery and enameling.

Part one: Resin
Ever wanted to make your own masterpiece in resin and weren't sure where to start? In this Resin Workshop you will learn the basic techniques to make your own jewellery and home decoration.
In this 2 sessions workshop ,the instructor will explain the techniques and will help you apply them as well as adding other materials into the resin and assist you during the process of making an exciting and unique artwork. This class is suitable for beginners and also advanced jewellery makers(different than jewellery making with metals however very useful and creative way if you want to take your work to the next level !).

Who Should Take This Course:
Anyone interested in learning more about resin and how to create resin jewelry
Anyone who wants to build their resin knowledge.
Artists who would like to create alongside other jewelry makers in a collaborative environment

What you will learn:
What is resin?
Mixing and pouring resin.
A brief intro to decoupaging, just what we need to complete our artwork.
How to seal the decoupage before pouring resin.
Sanding and preparing bottle caps for the resin.
Using bezels with resin
Adding color and objects to resin
Casting Resin
Using a commercial mold

Part two: Cold Enamel
In this 2 sessions you will learn a variety of enamelling techniques and be encouraged to experiment and play. You will explore colour, pattern and texture to produce a series of sample pieces to include in a jewellery project.
No previous experience is necessary, however if you have some experience and jewellery making basic skills this workshop will be ideal for you to add this new technique to your own work.

What you will learn:

How to prepare brass.
The safety tips when using enamel.
How to mix the powdered colors with liquid enamel.
Enamelling techniques including unicolored brass, mixing colors , Cloisonne (wire cells and wet enamels),and overlaping enamel colors, pouring enamel into silicon molds ( if time permits or at least we will verbaly go throw the steps )
We will talk about all the uses of enamel in jewellery making and home decor.


Maadi Branch
4 classes / 950 LE
Including materials
Once a week - 3 hour class
 Wednesdays 11:00am - 02:00pm OR 06:00pm - 09:00pm
Min 3 and max 6 attendees

Zayed Branch
4 classes / 950 LE
Including materials
Once a week - 3 hour class
Tuesdays 12:00pm -03:00pm 
Min 3 and max 6 attendees


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