School trips

Art café provides ‘’Artsy’’ school trips for those who appreciate art for an Artistic sanctuary. A very interesting and innovative day is planned out for the students using a variety of artistic mediums, ideas and techniques.

In wanting the students to gain skills and knowledge in a variety of artistic methods, Art Café provides the students with 4 art stations, each station containing one specific art project – to be pre-selected by the school from our list of famous art projects. Students get to rotate between the 4 stations as they work on the assigned art project in a relaxed, fun and creative atmosphere.

The school trips are catered to children & teens. Artsy school trips have proven to be great fun and a different way to enjoy a gathering of people in an outing. At the end of the school trip everyone leaves with what they have made as an amazing reminder of a wonderful day they all shared together.

Price: 150 LE / Student

Lunch Box 40 LE / Student (Optional)

( 2 sandwiches + 1 cucumber + 1 juice + 1 fruit )


Art Stations vary between:

Molding - Jewelry making - Wire work - Painting - Cooking - Scrapbooking - Foam projects - Leather sewing - Origami - Mosaic - Lego with Brix4kids - Team building projects - Doll Making