Photography – Portrait

Studio Portrait Photography
Understanding how to operate your camera in manual mode is essential to reaching beyond the typical image and achieving artistic results for portrait work. Portraits rely heavily on lighting, and many automatic camera modes cannot read light in the same way that the photographer's eye can understand the light source.
Understand aperture, shutter speed and how to work your camera to balance these settings properly. After learning the techniques, devote a great deal of time to shooting portraits to become fluent in the manual modes of the camera.
Portraits Lighting Basics
Lighting can take an ordinary portrait and make an artistic masterpiece. Shadows, highlights, silhouettes and ambient or natural light sources are the staples to any portrait photographer's tool kit. Study the basic elements of light setting, with large strobes, remote flashes and reflectors, enroll in a studio lighting to learn the techniques. The equipment can be complicated and technical, so learning from an experienced professional is strongly recommended.
Working with People
Working with people is an obvious requirement for a portrait photographer, but acquiring the skills to make someone comfortable in front of the camera is challenging. Learning to put people at ease through conversation, dealing with people in a professional and positive manner and making sure the model always feels comfortable and understand most common face shapes (Round, oval, rectangle. Angular, square and triangle.
Portrait Post Production
Learning the professional photo-editing software programs is a necessary component of the photographer's training. Portrait photographers will need to understand photo editing, as working with skin tones, editing skin imperfections and correcting certain lighting situations are required for portrait photography. Learn the basics of photo editing techniques necessary to edit images of people.
For Adults - For advanced students
Part 1
Type of lights and its purposes
Basics of studio lighting
Lighting Deferent Facial Shape
Working with Multiple Subjects (Group)
Backgrounds / foregrounds and how to use them
High-key / low-key shooting
Light diffusion and the use of panels and umbrellas
Part 2
Practical shooting in a full set up studio using models (each participant chooses the model; kids, friends….)
Part 3
Workshop: discussion on shot images, quick postproduction on them.
Printing of one image / participant 10X15cm for framing
Equipments needed
You will need a digital camera Compaq / SLR, have a manual Mode and a upper slow for external flash, a charged battery, a memory and a laptop
If you don’t own a camera, you can rent it from us for a fee of EGP 100 for the duration of the course.
Each subscriber should bring his model on the second part.
Language : Arabic & English
Maadi Branch
4 classes / 1000 LE

Excluding material

Twice a week - 2 hour class

Sun & Wed 12:00pm - 03:00pm OR  07:00pm - 10:00pm
Min 3 and max 8 attendees.

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