Rania Rezk

Rania was born in Egypt, graduated from Lycee - a French school in Maadi and raised by an artistic mother.
she earned a Bachelor degree in Fine Art from Helwan University in Cairo.  
She worked as a graphic and web designer for 12 years.
Feeling that graphics did not serve all of her talents, that she was happier and more fulfilled working with people on a practical level.
She opened Maadi Art Club - a private studio 2007,where her career as an artist and art teacher began.
She certified in Women's Leadership & Management from American university in Cairo
She organized many exhibitions for kids.
She has also exhibited her own work into various exhibitions.
During an extended period in the U.S., she gained voluntary experience in St. Joseph hospital as an art therapist
She did similar work upon returning to Egypt at 57357 -Children's Cancer hospital.
Rania started working at the Art Café in 2014, furthering her work as an art teacher and art coordinator. Her enthusiasm for educating people through art is reflected in her current studies.
 She earned an Art and Education diploma from the Art & Education faculty in Cairo
She is now pursuing a Master degree in Art Therapy
She attended:
- The Creative Arts Workshop level 1 and 2 by the Egyptian Association for Group Therapies (EAGT), which collaborates with an Art Therapists from Switzerland.
- Psychodrama Hope and Resilience facing Trauma with prof. Jorge Burmeister (IAGP).
- Course focusing on how to increase children's resilience through art and enhance their education
- One year diploma focusing on how to educate kids and adults through art using Anthroposophy philosophy by a German therapist Alanus university .
- Many Art healing courses .
This inspired her to share with people how to clear their souls and feel their creative flow, allowing them to engage with the beauty around them. 
Rania is a versatile artist who enjoys using acrylic, pencil, charcoal, oil, soft pastel and watercolors. 
She has a specialty in encouraging expression through the abstract and is a particularly skilled painter. As an artist and teacher, she is as vibrant and bright as the colors in her paintings, and understands that when working with kids a sense of humor goes a long way!