Rania Rezk

Rania is a contemporary Egyptian artist who earned a Bachelor degree in Fine Art and a master degree in art therapy. She also holds many diplomas in art education and art therapy. Moreover, she participated in many national and international exhibitions ( France, Holland, USA ) One of her paintings was exhibited in the Modern Art Museum. Rania is a versatile artist who enjoys using different mediums and techniques . Her enthusiasm for educating people through art is reflected in her paintings and studies.
The happiness and fulfillment she acquired while working with people on a deeper more practical level, inspired her to develop and share her knowledge on how to clear the soul and sense the creative flow through art. This allowed her students to engage with the beauty around them. Having witnessed the transformative effect of art on people and adults. She has a specialty in encouraging expression through the abstract and is a particularly skilled painter. As an artist and instructor, she is as vibrant and bright as the colors in her paintings.