Photography – Basic

Photography refers to photographs that are created in accordance with the creative vision of the photographer as artist. It could be interpreted from a documentary perspective or a merely artistic one.
This course is designed for photography lovers, who need to get introduced to the basic fundamentals of professional digital photography in all its interesting aspects. It will include A brief... introduction on the various types of cameras, the notion of light, colour temperature, white balance, filters, light sources and their influences. It also introduces the types and functions of lenses, lenses usage, lenses technologies and techniques of utilising lenses creatively. This is in addition to some Photoshop manipulation basics and some composition concepts and theories.
For Adults - Beginners
Course Content
Camera and Camera settings
How Digital Cameras Capture Images - Types of Digital Cameras - Digital Single-Lens Reflex (DSLR) - Camera Components and Concepts -Lens
Understanding Lens Multiplication
Understanding Digital Zoom -How to adjust Camera for Quality photography -
Understanding Aperture - Understanding Lens Speed (Shutter)
Digital Image Sensor
Understanding RAW, JPEG, and TIFF - Why Shoot RAW Files? - Reducing Camera Shake - Minimizing Red-Eye - Reducing Digital Noise
Light and colors (how the eye sees light and colors)
How Digital Images Are Displayed - Understanding How the Eye Sees Light and Color - Sources of Light - The Color Temperature of Light - White Balance
Understanding Resolution
Learning about Pixels - Camera Resolution - Display Resolution - Printer Resolution
Post-production (edit - adobe)
Shooting Tips - Basics of composition and lighting - Basics of post-production (practical)
As part of the course you’ll be asked to bring your images to share and discuss
You will need a digital camera, a charged battery, a memory and a laptop (optional).
If you don’t own a camera, camera rental option is available for a fee of EGP 100 for the duration of the course.
Language ; Arabic & English
5 Classes / 2100 LE
Excluding material
Twice a week - 2 hour class
Sun & Wed 11:00am - 01:00pm OR  06:00pm - 08:00pm
Min 3 and max 8 attendees
10 Classes / 3200 LE
Excluding material
Twice a week - 2 hour class
Sat & Mon 12:00pm - 02:00pm & 07:00pm - 09:00pm
Min 3 and max 8 attendees

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